Commercial Insurance

Need Insurance That Delivers?

Take the next step to ensure that the time and energy you've put into your business isn't wasted.

Learn how the Allstate Business Owners Policy can help protect your business in the case of:


• Property Damage

• Liability Issue

• Employee Theft

• Business Interruption


You've worked hard to create a successful business. But unexpected events can have a negative impact on the business you've built.

That's why Allstate offers coverages for businesses like yours.






Make Sure The Basics Are Covered

As a business owner, it's important to have both property and liability protection.

 The Allstate Business Owners Policy has that and more.


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Not Just a Valuable Resource... a Friend to Small Business


With a valuable business advisor by your side who understands your needs, we provide helpful guidance when you need it. Most importantly, we're committed to helping your business grow and thrive.

With an Allstate Commercial Certified Agent as your valuable small-business resource, you'll benefit from:







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• Small business expertise

Allstate supports the operations of over 10,000 small businesses across the country - you've seen their blue awnings and recognize them as your local Allstate agencies.


• Tailored risk assessment

Our agents understand the unique risks associated with small business and will provide solutions totally unique to you.


• Industry-leading training

Allstate Commercial Certified agents must meet extensive business insurance and risk assessment training requirements.


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