Life Insurance

Let us help you protect all the good in your life.


In addition to protecting your property, Penzato Insurance can help provide more security for your loved ones — and with no hassle.


Basic Term Life Insurance


Our  Basic Term is a straight forward, easy to understand 15-year term life insurance policy with:


Protection to fit your needs Choose coverage from $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000.

Fixed pricing — Your premium will remain the same and will not increase for the term of your policy.

Hassle-free application process — You will receive an approval or declined decision within a few days.

A good plan, and a good life, starts with someone you know!


Ask our Agent about how you can save on your auto insurance when you buy an Allstate life insurance policy.

Life insurance can be part of a smart financial plan. Call Penzato Insurance today to schedule a review of your overall financial plan.

Myth vs. Reality



“I’m covered by my policy through work.”


Employer-sponsored life insurance policies typically aren’t very large and generally don’t follow you to your new job. If you only count on this policy, you may not have adequate protection. Also, employee plans often increase rates annually, so a policy outside of your work with a guaranteed rate may cost less.


“I can’t afford to get life insurance right now.”


Term life insurance can be very affordable, rates have never been lower, and with a new TrueTerm with TrueFit* policy, you can now adjust your coverage so you’re not paying for more insurance than you need in later years.


“We don’t need that much coverage!.”


The amount of life insurance you need depends on your specific situation. Life insurance not only helps pay end-of-life expenses, but it can help your family stay in their home and maintain the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to build — even helping to make sure your children can afford college.



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